IGG EXPLORE: Compulsory Challenge 01 GUIDING

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1: Find out about Guides – what uniform they wear, what age they are and where they meet.(Girl Guide Uniforms to Colour)


 Copy of either per Brownie
BR EXPLORE (Girl Guide Uniforms Part 2)
BR EXPLORE Compulsory 1 Guiding (Girl Guide Uniforms Part 3)
 Scissors
 Coloured pencils/markers


To help Brownies understand what the Guide uniform is and help them look forward to moving on to Guides
This activity can be done in a variety of ways, e.g. you as a Brownie Leader can teach your Brownies about Guides or alternatively invite a local Guide Leader or Senior Branch Member

Below is some useful information for you if you are going to lead the activity with your Brownies.
Some basic facts about Guides are as follows:
Guides range from aged 10-14 years
Their uniform consists
of a pink t-shirt with a blue stripe
or a blue t-shirt with a pink stripe
with blue hoodie with a pink logo.
The neckerchief is white with pink and blue Celtic knots on it.
The Guides can choose to either put their badges on a blue
sash or on their Guide bag

Complete the dress a Guide
File name
BR EXPLORE Compulsory 1 Guiding (Girl Guide Uniforms Part 3)
BR EXPLORE Compulsory 1 Guiding (Girl Guide Uniforms Part 2)

Debrief/Discussion: Discuss the difference between Brownies and Guides Uniform

Ideally a general discussion on moving onto Guide will take place during the above activity.
Brownie Leaders should introduce the idea of moving onto Guides at the beginning of the Brownies last year in the Pack.


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