IGG INVESTIGATE and EXPLORE: Choice Challenge 22

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22.Learn about your 5 senses (smell, touch, sight, hearing, taste)( Hearing-Boxes)


 A small box (matchbox) labelled/number. 3 or 4 per six
 A piece of paper per six
 Items that make sound
 Ideas: paperclips, coins, sugar, rice etc


IntroductionWe rely on our five senses to provide information about the world around us.This activity shows us how much we know just from our sense of Hearing. This activity shows how important sound is to us but that often we need another sense to be able to put the sound in context

Instructions: Hearing:
Set up stations, at each station have 3 to 4 match boxes. The brownies move from station to station making note of the box number. The sound it makes when shaken is listened to and they decide as a six what is in each box

This activity shows that some of the sounds were very familiar but as they were quite similar you really needed to have another sense available to be able to judge what the items in the box were. What senses do they think would be useful (sight/ touch)


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