Silent Hand Signals

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Knowing there are various methods of communication, and when to use them are a key part of scouting.
We often use hand signals, without even realising we are doing it, and people also respond too. Here are some more we can use.


Silent Hand Signals Sheet, torches


Gather the patrol together and go through each of the signals, come up with a few more.
Discuss when silent hand signals may be used. Work out where and how, so for example, indoors out side, at night. Talk about the pitfalls and how to over come these.
Now put into practice the learning.
The Patrol Leader now has to take the Patrol outside and around nearby locations, using at least six different signals, instruct the patrol silently.
Patrol Points: One point for each silently executed instruction and response (maximum of eight) Two Points for coming up with realistic pitfalls and how to overcome them.


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