Roasting Marshmallows

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Learn to light a fire safely and to use the resources wisely, and have fun eating marshmallows or sausages at the end.


Fire Lighter (Matches, Flint and Steel, Lighter)
Kindling (Newspaper, Dry Grass, Cotton Balls)
Water Bucket or Fire Extinguisher


Split the Cubs into Sixes or groups and ask them to search for firewood.
After each group has collected a small pile of wood ask some to set up the fire place and others to look for kindling.
To make a fire place the Cubs must clear stones or turf grass to clear a space that can be covered afterwards to hide the evidence of the fire. This also helps to protect the fire from the wind while getting started.
Once the space has been cleared ask the Cubs to set up the fire. There are many ways to do this so it is a good time to show Cubs how different kindling placements can be good with different fuels and weather.
Then ask the cubs to light the fire. You will need to demonstrate the safe and correct way to use the fire lighter and ask each Cub to have a turn. Some Cubs will be afraid of the fire or lighting it so be aware.
Once the fire is lit and burning nicely you will need to either find some green sticks, willows are common near river banks and their sticks do not burn easily when green so are perfect for roasting sausages and marshmallows. You can also use steel rods though you will need to clean them before and after use.
Once you have enjoyed your marshmallows and fire make sure to extinguish your fire completely. Do not re-turf over the fire until you are certain all the embers have gone out and you have removed all the unburnt or larger pieces of firewood.


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