IGG INTEREST BADGE Brownie Healthy Body Options 3 - 4- 5

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3. Demonstrate how to wash your hands correctly and know when you should wash your hands.
4. Explain the importance of good oral hygiene.
5. Demonstrate how your look after your hair.
( Healthy Jumbled Letters & Circle Game)


 Four sets of Pictures (see overleaf)
 Leaders Question sheet
 Health Quiz sheet one per Brownie
 Pencils


Aim of Badge
To understand how to keep your body healthy

This Badge has 5 options of which 5must be completed

Jumbled Letters Health Circle Game
• Brownies sit in a circle either on chairs or on the floor.
• Brownies are numbered in 3’s or 4’s depending on the size of the Pack.
• Picture of answers to statements in centre of circle
• Leader calls out one of the statements and then a number
• Brownies with the number step out of the circle and runs round it in a clockwise direction, returning through their own space to centre of circle
• Each Brownie gathers an answer picture and returns to her original place in the circle.
• First Brownie back in place with the correct picture receives two points all other with correct answer gets one point
Jumbled Letters Health Quiz Sheet
This activity works well as a follow up to the Circle Game
Give each Brownie the Jumbled Health Quiz to complete.
When completed, invite everyone into the Pow Wow circle using the Drum Call. Go through each of the answers and discuss the importance of washing your hands, brushing your teeth and looking after your hair.


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