A million hands- understand the need, Mental Health

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Using resources after signing up with A Million Hands, work with your section to understand the need to help your sections chosen cause.


Flipcharts, post-its, colourful felt-tips, cut outs/ printouts from the resource pack to facilitate your meeting.
We are going to do what makes you sad/ happy team mimes/ charades too.


Work through the activities you have chosen, leading discussions to show that we all have mental health, and mental illness could affect any of us. After this meeting, your section will hopefully feel enthusiastic towards the next stage- which is planning action. We will do this another night.
Don't forget to record this on the 'a million hands' website. You will need to register your section to take part- especially if you want your youth members to get their free wristbands! Links can be found through the TSA Scout website.


  • A million hands
  • bullying
  • charades
  • Depression
  • Happy
  • mental health
  • mental illness
  • mime
  • mind
  • sad
  • talking

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