A million hands- Understand the need, Wateraid

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This is to help your section understand the need for their help with the cause they have opted to support- in this case water aid.


Please sign up with ' A million hands' via the TSA website, to choose your cause. There are a lot of resources to help you. Signing up will also get your section free wristbands!
With our Beavers we will be doing Water relay, handy hygiene, bin it don't block it and poopla! You should look at the resources needed for the activities suited for your sections.
We will need hand soap, gliiter, towel, fake poo and buckets. Sticky tape and paper.


Work your way through the program, encouraging conversation and trying to enthuse your section members towards the next stage- which is taking action.


  • A million hands
  • drinking water
  • hands washing
  • hygeine
  • Poo
  • water
  • Wateraid

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