IGG GROW and FLY: Choice Challenge 36

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Find out how children live around the world ( Colour Flag,Food, National Costumes)


Colouring sheet
Markers, crayons
Long fabric sections
Shawls and berets


Ladybirds will compare their lifestyles with that of other children around the world.

Use one sheet per ladybird
Colour in each flag, food, clothing and cut out (this can be done in advance for younger Ladybirds)
Stick on Map of each country

Learn how to say ‘Hello’ in each language and practice saying it to each other

Use fabric to dress different Ladybirds in different costumes

Have a multi-cultural meeting - dress up, taste food (being mindful of allergies) and play traditional games


Talk about the similarities and differences between Ireland and other country’s traditional food and dress.


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