GGNZ - What clothing is suitable for outdoor activities?

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Relay game to sort out what gear is suitable for an outdoor activity (camping based), and what is not


A selection of suitable outdoor clothing and equipment:
Polar fleece, hiking boots, rain-coat, head torch, metal drink bottle, plastic plate, wool/merino/warm socks, warm hat, thermals, warm sleeping bag etc, small pillow.
A selection of un-suitable outdoor clothing and equipment:
Jeans, giant pillow, glass water bottle, ceramic plate, a valuable item (e.g. jewellery), cotton clothing, puffer jacket (as a raincoat), funny hat (e.g party hat) etc.


Place the items in a pile. Set-up two teams at the opposite end. They have 3 minutes to race down, collect one item each, and bring it back to their team. If their team doesn't agree with the item, it has to be dropped back at the other end.

Discuss each teams selections, and what was left behind. Discuss why/why not items are suitable for outdoor activities:
E.g. Jeans aren't flexible, and once they are wet get heavy, don't dry quickly and can make you cold. Puffer jackets are warm, but they are generally not waterproof. Valuables are hard to keep safe on camp - it's best to leave them at home etc.

The team with the most suitable items at the end wins.


  • clothing
  • Outdoor Basics
  • relay race
  • safety

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