GGNZ Create a gift for children in hospital.

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Children in hospital for long periods of time often get bored. Make some kits of fun, simple activities for children and their carers to use in hospital. Arrange to deliver these to the children’s ward.
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Bubble mix, colourful pictures, crayons, stickers, bottle caps paper bags


Get some paper bags, big enough to place the activities into. Get the girls to decorate them with cheerful pictures. Fill the bags with activities such as
• Small bottles of bubble mixture – add a sticker to brighten them up
• Make noughts and crosses – make a board on a sheet of paper and laminate it so it lasts longer. Make sets of playing pieces from bottle tops – 5 of one colour and 5 of another (this will be an activity better suited to school aged children)
• Cut colourful pictures into jigsaw puzzles. Depending on the age of the child the puzzle is for will depend on the number of pieces the picture is cut into – the younger the child the fewer pieces created. The fronts of greeting cards would make good puzzles.
• Small packs of pencils or crayons and blank paper or colouring sheets.
• Small sheet of stickers to be added to the blank paper
• Add a flier with some information about GirlGuiding and include a local office phone number.


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