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Create an alternative gallery of inspiring images that encourage participants to celebrate their unique identity.


drawing materials and one piece of paper per child.


Give out paper and drawing materials. Explain to the group that they are going to spend five minutes creating a picture of themselves doing something they love. The picture should show them doing something they love using their bodies, such as their favourite game or sport, making things, hugging their friends, etc. When they have created their drawings, help them to write a positive message on the picture, showing: What they are doing. What is special about their body because it enables them to do something. For example:

“I am riding my bike. I love how strong my legs are because I can ride my bike really fast.”
“I am playing with my sister. I love my arms because they let me hug her, showing that I’m a kind person.”

Ask each child to show their picture to the group and read the positive message they’ve written about their bodies out loud. Pin the pictures up in the meeting place with a title like ‘Amazing Me’.


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