Free Being Me - Session 2, Pelele

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Play an adaptation of a traditional Spanish game to encourage thinking positively about yourself and others.


Blanket and soft toy/ball per group.


Get into groups with a blanket/sheet/parachute and enough space for everyone to hold the edge.
Put a teddy or soft doll (this is Pelele!) in the middle of each blanket.
Explain that this game is played by children in Spain at the beginning of spring.
Learn this simple chant:

Pelele, Pelele, we like you,
We like you just the way you are,
Pelele, Pelele, we like you,
And we like (name) too!

(Pelele is pronounced ‘Pe-lel-ay’)
Chant the verse and use the blanket to toss Pelele high in the air. In the last line, say the name of one person in the group, and stop moving the blanket.
The person named then repeats their name, and says something they like their skills or personality. For example, if the last line is “and we like Ava too”, Ava says “I’m Ava, and I’m good at swimming”. Ava then lets go of the blanket, runs clockwise around the circle behind the other participants, and back to her place, taking hold of the blanket again. Now here’s the fun part; everyone else who thinks they’re good at swimming should copy Ava, and run around the circle at the same time! Once everyone is holding the blanket again, repeat the chant but replace Ava’s name with the person on her left. Encourage each participant to say something they like about themselves that hasn’t already been said, and encourage other participants to join in with running.


  • Free being Me - session 2, Pelele

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