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1. As a Patrol, take part in a co-operation game (Non Verbal Cooperation Game)


List of tasks


Start by having a discussion with the Guides about what is meant by co-operation i.e. working together to achieve a common goal, importance of good communication to get the challenge completed.

Explain that there will be different people needed in the group who will bring different strengths to each task but that the Guides need to help one another and work together as a Patrol to complete the challenge.

Leader explains the game to the Patrol Leaders.
They return to their patrols and relate the rules of the game to them.
- To begin Patrol members must stand behind their patrol leader in a straight line.
- No one must talk throughout the game.
- Through co-operation the patrol must arrange themselves in order to complete the tasks.

Leader commences to call out the tasks.
- 1. Person with the largest family to the front.
- 2. Longest as a member of the Irish Girl Guides e.g were you a ladybird? at the back.
- 3. Smallest shoe size to the front.
- 4. The guide who lives furthest away at the back.
- 5. Tallest guide to the back.
- 6. Eldest guide to the front.

Discuss - Was it easy to achieve the tasks without talking? How important is communication? What were the different skills needed to co-operate with each other to complete each task? Did you co-operate, were you kind to each other, did you have patience, did some guides automatically act as a leader? How did you feel about that?


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