IGG EXPLORE: Compulsory Challenge 12 Global Awareness

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12. Know the names of the World Centres and where they are (Snowballs)


 Old magazines/junk mail
 whistle
 tape or chairs to divide room into four sections
 large sheet of paper for scorecard-divide into 4 and name each section England/India/Switzerland/Mexico plus World Centre name
 marker


This activity will help the Brownies learn the names and locations of the four World Centres. It requires agility and honesty from the Brownies.



Divide Brownies in four teams.
Each team stands in a section of the hall.
Each team makes their own snowballs, same number for each team out of the old magazines/junk mail
When the whistle blows everyone tries to get rid of their snowballs by throwing them one at a time into the other sections.
Leader blows the whistle again and whichever section has the least number of snowballs gets a point that is recorded on the score card.
Continue by blowing whistle again and then stopping and recording next score.

Remember to call out the name of the country and Centre as you record the scores


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