Water Safety Keas

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Keas to achieve their water safety badge as per personal badge req. Additionally we will cover putting on a lifejack and showing emergency signal in water etc.


Pool, lifejackets, flutter board, pool toys, leaders, parent help.


To achieve the Kea Water Safety Badge you must complete all of the following items either with other Keas or in front of an Examiner appointed by your Kea Leader, or present a letter from your Swim Coach saying you have completed these activities along with some photos to show the other Keas in your Club.

1. Blow bubbles in water for more than 10 seconds.

2. Stay under the water for 5 seconds.

3. Jump / Dive into the water and collect a floating pool toy.

4. Floating and Kicking with a flutter board for 15 metres.

5. Show they can float on their tummy for 10 seconds unaided.

6. Show they can float on their back for 10 seconds unaided.

7. Be able to tell the examiner what to look for to find a safe place to swim.

8. Name 2 things you must do to keep yourself safe in the water.


  • floating
  • lifejacket
  • Water activities
  • Water Activities Safety

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