Hunt the leader

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A leader sets off at night after the safety briefing and hides in a location known only to the other leaders, then the scouts/explorers are given a grid reference to the first checkpoint and then a cryptic clue to the next checkpoint and then another clue to the leaders location
As its a timed game if nobody finds the leader after 75 minutes then return to base


Map and compass (1 of each per group)
Warm clothes and a drink


Starting at the scout hut the leader is given a 5 minute head start to get to the pre approved location and then hide and await discovery as the scouts/explorers search the location they believe the leader is hiding in by answering cryptic clues to get the grid reference
Checkpoints can be added if the area is large enough with more clues
Clues can be either local landmarks or a maths question to come up with the grid reference


  • hunt the leader
  • orienteering practical training

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