Silent Instructions

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Groups must carry out a specific instruction without speaking.




Split YP into teams.
Write out an instruction on a piece of paper.
Invite one person from each team up.
Show them the instruction.
The first team to successfully carry out the instruction wins.

Example instructions:
• WHOLE TEAM: Put your left hand on your nose, and your right hand on your ear.
• WHOLE TEAM: Stand in age order (including month) with youngest at front and oldest at back.
• Get all people with brown eyes to stand up. Everybody else should sit down.
• WHOLE TEAM: Stand in a circle (facing outwards), holding hands and with your eyes closed.
• 2 members of your team need to kneel down. Everybody else should stand on one leg.
• WHOLE TEAM: Pretend you are eating dinner at a table. You should mime sitting on a chair and using cutlery.

Variations to make harder:
-Do not allow members to touch each other to re-position them.
-The person giving the instruction must stay a specific distance away from the rest of the team.

Context (for introduction/plenary):
-Introduce the concept of deafness.
-Explain different ways of non-verbal communication (e.g. sign language, miming)
-Recap on difficulty of task.


  • disabilitiy
  • Instructions
  • teamwork

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