Thinking Day

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Learning about How Thinking Day started and Lord an Lady badin Powell


Puzzle of the Thinking Day symbol. Penny's.List of countries in WAGGGS and their promise, our promise to compare it to.Colored paper. crayons,stapler pens. Templates of cards. Copy of the meaning of the Thinking Day symbol
buttons to play game.


girls work in Patrols. moving to each activity.Girls have brought donations for the Thinking day fund for coin trail.Do a crayon rubbing of a penny as this is what was given as a donation to the fund when it first started., Thinking Day story with actions for girls to follow done as a unit. Mexician bean game but used buttons as did not have beans.Girls to look at other countries and compare their promise to ours also write that country onto a strip of paper to make a paper chain. Color in cards for guides and write a message inside. read about the Symbol and what it means.



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