Posies for Mothering Sunday

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Make posies to give out to congregation on Mothering Sunday


Flowers! – three per posy
Rubber bands
Kitchen paper
Greenery - small leaves, not ivy or laurel
Blue crates
Pots for water
Bins - labelled
Buckets for compost - labelled
Gauges to indicate length of daffs and greenery


Jobs for adults

Supervise and instruct girls
Cut foil – 6” squares approx
Cut kitchen paper – half sheets
Quality control and counting (a sensible Guide could do this)
Cut ribbon
Gather compost & rubbish
Replenish water pots


1 Collect what you need (see pic)
2 Cut flowers and greenery; gather together (see pic)
3 Wrap bottom in kitchen paper (see pics)
4 Put rubber band round
5 Make very wet
6 Put foil round in same way as kitchen paper
7 Tie a bow round the foil


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