Indoor Car Rally

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Quiz/race to find locations on maps that are pinned around the room
Cubs need to understand the use of 4/6 fig grid refs and basic symbols

Sixes race each other to complete all the questions correctly

(taken from Programs in a box 2008-9, but works equally well for the now navigator badge)


Print all maps from below
Toy Car / monopoly type token each
You will need to create a central racetrack to move the cars/tokens along as they complete each question correctly (e.g. 12 lines of tape on a separate table - care as the cars have a tendency to roll away!)
Chocolates (fuel) - Optional- Care re allergies


- Copy as many sets of the questions, as you have teams taking part. They will also need one of the cars and a race track.
- Display the 10 maps of Exmoor around the meeting place
- Give each six a set of blank questions, marked with a starting question (so they don't all start at the same map!) If you want to make it more interesting, only allow one six near a map at any time to avoid copying etc
- The six have to answer the question marked first on the question sheet, they show the answer to the leader – if it is correct, they each get a chocolate (to refuel for the next leg of the journey), they also move their car along the race track to show how many questions they have answered correctly.
- The winning six is the first one over the finish line


  • grid references
  • Map reading , Os map symbols
  • map skills
  • mapreading
  • navigation race
  • race

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