This is a What? Game

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A circle game for inside or outside that you can use to teach uniforms, birds, trees, flowers, etc. You can adapt it for almost any purpose with very little effort.


Odd Items or Uniform pieces, or any item you want to teach about


Collect odd objects you have on hand or any items you want the girls to learn about (flowers, insects, trees, Uniforms, etc)
Everyone will sit in a circle. The Leader begins by showing the first object to the girl on her right (this is a great way to learn the Guide Uniform, so for the example, I'll use those items)
Leader: This is a woggle
Girl to her right: A What?
Leader: A woggle
Girl: Oh! A woggle,

That same girl tells the girl to her right: This is a woggle
2ndt girl: A What?
Girl: A Woggle
2nd girl: Oh" A woggle!
That goes around the entire circle.

While the first item is being passed around, the Leader begins another item.
Leader: This is a Necker.
Girl: A What?
Leader: A Necker.
Girl: Oh! A Necker.

The object is to have as many items being passed around as possible so that every girl is passing and talking at once, but with a different object.
So you can use as many or as few items as you'd like.


  • circle game
  • easy
  • flowers
  • Insects
  • Little Prep
  • Trees
  • uniform

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