Safety Symbol Memory Game

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Find the description that matches the Danger/ safety symbol but game is made harder/ more fun by scouts not finding a pair having to do a physical forfeit that takes them away from the table while the game continues.


Set of cards from attached download.


Print the pictures on labels onto card and cut into roughly same sized squares before hand.

Discuss the various safety symbols with the scouts and explain the difference between blue background, yellow background, green background and white with red outline and diagonal. Talk about the safety equipment available when doing DIY and possible dangers in different scenarios.

Mix up and put all cards upside down on table in centre of hall.

Scouts invited to turn over 2 cards at a time and all to remember the positions! If they get it wrong though (ie not a pair) they must run a circuit of the hall/ do X press ups etc (anything whereby they can’t see the game continuing).

If they get a pair they get another go.

Scout with most pairs at end is the winner.

Suggest playing in groups of 10.


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