How Am I Feeling Game

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Board game where you read an emotion laden sentence while acting out a different emotion, and others try to guess the correct emotion.


Board, dice, markers, feelings cards, sentence cards

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Place 6 Feelings cards on the board.
One player rolls the dice, keeping it hidden so the other players cannot see the number. The number will correspond with a feeling card on the board.
That playerthen picks up one of the Sentences cards and says that sentence while acting out the feeling they got.
The other players try to guess what the feeling is that they are acting out. The person that guesses correctly goes forward 2 spaces. The player who acted out the feeling goes forward 1 space. If no one can guess then no one moves and it is the next player’s turn.
Once a feeling is acted out replace that card with another feeling card from the pile.


  • acting
  • angry
  • board game
  • emotional intelligence
  • emotions
  • feelings
  • Happy
  • role play
  • sad
  • social skills

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