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Added by GGNZ National Programme Team -
Best played in an area with bush and trees -
Based around the endangered Kakapo (a flightless parrot native to New Zealand).




Balloons, as many as desired, are inflated and have a string tied to each one. They are then placed around the playing area, tying the strings to branches of trees, or having the strings held under rocks and logs. Strings should be tied loosely, so that the knot can be quickly untied.

The story line: The kakapo is very endangered. Unfortunately, the poachers were stealing the kakapo eggs (balloons), when the Department of Conservation officers chased them. The poachers fled, dropping the eggs as they fled. How many eggs can your group recover before the poachers destroy them?

Divide the players into two groups. One group are the poachers and the other group are conservationists. The two groups start as far apart as possible, at opposite ends of the playing area. The Conservationists try to find the balloons and take them to the Department of Conservation which is a box in the middle of the area. The poachers try to find and burst the balloons before they are found by the conservationists. Once a conservationist has a balloon, it cannot be burst by a poacher. The game ends when all the eggs have been found. Make sure no bits of string or balloons are left behind.


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