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Added by GGNZ National Programme Team.
Best played in a bush area with plenty of hiding places. Girls to find all the different animals hiding in the bush


Volunteers to act as creatures.
Costumes for each creature (or simple masks, or a soft toy that matches the creature)
A piece of card for each player
A different coloured crayon for each creature


Dress your "creatures" up in their costumes, give them their crayons, and send them out into the woods to hide. Gather all your girls together and tell them that some very strange creatures have been spotted recently in the area. The girls are to try and find the creatures, but must be careful because the creatures are very shy and don't like a lot of noise. Send the girls out to find the creatures. Meanwhile, the creatures should have each found a hiding spot, where they must remain for the duration of the game. Each creature makes a unique noise, perhaps a whistle, hoot, or bark. The creatures could also use party noisemakers or bike horns to make their noise. The girls must stalk up to the creature and tap it on the shoulder. However, if the creature sees or hears one of the stalkers, it stops making its noise for at least 30 seconds. If a stalker does manage to tap the creature on its shoulder, she gets a crayon mark on her file card. The goal is for every girl to find all the creatures. After all the creatures have been found, why not invite them back to your campsite for lunch?


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