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A game for playing outside in the dark


Dark clothes for the girls


This game can be played outside in the dark using a torch, or during the day using a blindfold. Make sure you set clear boundaries for the playing area. If you play using a blindfold, the girl points to where she hears a noise. Either the person who is “it” can pull off the blindfold each time they wish to make a challenge, or they can have an assistant who can say whether they have caught someone or not. Add to the fun by dressing up in dark clothes.

One person is “it” and has a base to protect from everyone else. This person has a torch. Everyone else has to try to move from a starting point by any route to the base. If the person with the torch hears them, they are allowed to shine the torch in that direction. If they catch someone in the beam of the torch, that person must go back ten paces. The first person to reach the base is the winner, and will be “it” next time.

A very popular version of this game can be played outside on a warm day. You need a water pistol, a blindfold, a chair and a bucket of water. Girls need to be in swimwear or clothes they can get completely wet in.

Form the girls into a circle, and place the chair in the middle of the circle. One person is chosen to sit on the chair, and is blindfolded and given the loaded water pistol. Underneath or behind the chair, place the bucket of water. Silently choose one girl from the circle to creep up to the chair and tip the bucket of water over the girl on the chair. If the blindfolded girl hears a noise, she can shoot the water pistol in the direction of that noise – if she shoots the girl creeping up on her that girl returns to the circle and someone else is chosen.

The bucket of water is a very popular option – but is more suitable for a warm day when you can play outside. Even with the keys, however, this game is very popular! If the girls become expert at this, you can make it harder by attaching bells to the ankles of the girl chosen to creep up.



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