Hobo Stove Cooking

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Use Hobo Stoves to cook a simple item


Hobo Stove - Ready made or make as required. (ref CUB BRONZE AWARD SKILL SHEET - OUTDOORS CORNERSTONE 1a)
Fuel Source - pre-made burner or a small fire.
In ingredients for the items to cook


Get cubs to make fire and light using matches, heat up Hobo stoves.
Get Cubs to make food item (e.g. damper mix, meat patty), make into suitable sized portions.
Use Hobo stove to cook. Turn regularly.
Enjoy the items the cubs have cooked.

- no touching hobo stoves when lit - use tongs to move as required,
- no jumping/walking over the hobo stove - walk around it
- no pushing, fighting, running around cooking area
- bucket of water handing for burn treatment and extinguishing fire
- fire extinguisher in the vicinity


  • Damper
  • Hobo Stove
  • Matches
  • Outdoor Cooking

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