(In)Destructible Data

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Build a container to keep a message safe!


Recycling materials - egg boxes, cardboard, straws, bubble wrap, newspaper, carrier bags
Paper & pen
Ziplock bags


Each team of young people is given a message written on paper. YP must build a container to keep the message safe. They are given 30 minutes to construct it.

Once the time is over, you should then test each container. You could:
-Throw a cup of water over it (or throw it in a full bucket for a harder challenge!)
-Drop it from a height.
-Stand on it.
-Hold it over a candle briefly (or put it in the campfire for a harder challenge!)

At the end of each test (or once all tests are completed) you should open the container and see if the message has survived.

-Instead of a message, teams must keep a CD safe which has a word document on it. The CD should be tested afterwards to see if the word document can still be accessed.
-Other objects you could use are eggs (messy!) or small action figures.

-If testing it against fire, it should be tested by adults and there should be water and a non-flammable surface nearby. The adult should wear flame-resistant gloves and/or use tongs to ensure it is a sufficient distance away. Normal fire safety guidelines (e.g. high levels of supervision, no loose clothing) apply.
-If using a CD, be aware of the possibility of computer damage when using damaged accessories (especially from water, heat, and weakened/cracked CDs)


  • Problem solving
  • teamwork

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