Life Jacket Relay Race

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For students to practice and gain experience in wearing a lifejacket.


Lifej ackets - various sizes to cater for all Kea
Space for race
Adults (to check the proper wearing of each kids’ lifejacket)


Divide Kea into two equal teams and have them form two lines.
Place a lifejacket at the feet of the first Kea in each line.
At the signal to go, the first Kea in each line will pick up the lifejacket, put it on properly, and run to the designated place where the adult is standing.
The adult will quickly “inspect” the Kea's life jacket, making sure the straps are tied and/or fastened and the lifejacket fits snug.
The Kea then returns to the starting point, removes the lifejacket and gives it to the next Kea in line.
The race is over when the first team to have each Kea complete the exercise is finished.


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