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Some of the requirements of the Navigator star 1 badge

The attached file is only relevant to my colony but this activity could be adapted for any location. I used Google maps & Microsoft Word to create a map of our local area.


Map of Stornoway
Camera/mobile phone


Beavers will be split into 2 groups and given a blank map of town showing 6 numbered locations.
They need to take it in turns in their group to navigate to each location and take a photo of the location.(use leaders mobiles?)
The locations are numbered in order in a loop starting & ending at the Scout Hall. Group 1 will navigate round the route starting with number 1 and group 2 will navigate round the course starting with number 4.
After they have reached their final numbered location they will have to navigate back to the Scout Hall.

During the trail they will be taught/ reminded of the green cross code


  • Navigator

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