The Wolf Game

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You have 2 wolves, these are then used to murder the villagers/Sprinkle with sleeping dust , you must guess who does it by putting people on trial.




People involved:
Wolves: 2 (aim to kill villagers while sleeping/Put them to Sleep)
Villagers: as many as you have (aim to find out who wolves are)
Narrator: 1 (talks through story, explains what's happening and can see everything,Narrator should be someone that knows the game)
Hunter: 2 if the hunter is the only one left with the wolves the villagers win (can save the game)
The Witch: 1 (Can bring a person back to life, once they haven't seen the wolf)

How to Play:
1. Pick characters out of a hat (have characters written on a piece of paper folded over and in a hat)
2. Get the participants to chat a bit before Narrator tells them to go to sleep.
3. Narrator sends everyone to Sleep, as they are sleeping they have to slap their knees with their hands, keep their heads down and eyes closed.
4. Narrator asks wolves to wake up, they have to keep slapping their knees
5. Without talking the wolves have to decide who they would like to kill/put to sleep.
6. Once decided everyone goes back to sleep
7. Narrator calls the witch to wake who can then save the villager or let them die, again non verbal, all asleep again
7. Narrator calls morning and everyone wakes except who the narrator says is dead/asleep
8. Then the inquiry begins as to who everyone thinks is the Wolves, you go around the group and each person can only vote for one person, the 2 people with the highest votes must go on trial.
9. The two on Trial, must explain as to why they are not the wold even if they are.
10. Everyone votes again on the 2 people, each villager then gets there imaginary bow and arrow and kills the guilty person, this person then reveals what they are.
11. You keep playing until the Hunter is the only one left with the Wolf who can then win/Villagers are all dead/both wolves die.


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