Plant 30 Seeds & Look After Them

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Taken from Norfolk Scouting Website - 30 Years Challenge - Beaver Scouting's 30th Birthday in 2016.
Great way to encourage youth shaped Scouting and allowing Beaver Scouts a direct input on programme planning.
There are over 40 challenges to choose from but Beaver Scouts only need to complete 30 of them during 2016 to earn their special limited edition woggle. There are five compulsory challenges; one from each Zone except Creative and one to encourage youth shaped scouting through a colony Log Chew.


List of Challenges - See Download - List of Challenges
The Norfolk Scout 30 Year Challenge Booklet can be downloaded at


Beaver Scouts might not have grown anything before, in this challenge get them to plant a seed and look after it to see if it grows.


  • 30 years
  • beavers
  • Plant Seeds
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