GGNZ Trip around five World Centres

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Take a pretend trip with your unit to travel around the five World Centres. Find out five facts about each.
After completing this activity, have everyone 'fly' to Africa and complete: Connect with WAGGGS - 5th World Centre


Print out attached files


1) Take an imaginary plane ride around the room (girls in two rows, following you with their arms out making 'plane' noises). Arrive at customs and hand out passports. After gluing in the appropriate symbol for the world home they are visiting, send each sixer group to a different home. (Round Robin)

2) Pax Lodge - England (15mins)
Have the girls work together to complete the Pax Lodge crossword attached. If they are completely stuck give them a letter in the correct place for either a letter at the beginning of a word or a letter joining two words.

3) Our Cabana - Mexico (15mins)
Create a scenario that includes facts about Our Cabana

4) Sangam - India (15mins)
Make a song that includes facts about Sangam. Maybe use a tune you know to begin.

5) Our Chalet - Switzerland (15mins)
Create a poster each about Sangam include facts about it. Be creative, the facts don't need to be written.


  • Kusafiri
  • our cabana
  • our chalet
  • pax lodge
  • Plane
  • sangam
  • trip
  • World Centre
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