Roll a First Aid Kit

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A dice game for girls to learn about what to put in a basic First Aid Kit.
The girls will also leave with a completed mini First Aid Kit for their schoolbag.
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Film Canisters (1 Per Girl) - Can have 'First Aid Kit' label if desired.
Safety Pins (2 Per Girl)
Bandaids (2 Per Girl)
Alcohol Prep Pads (2 Per Girl)
Gauze Pad (1 Per Girl)
Antibiotic Cream (1 Per Girl) - Should be very small tubes or packets.
Hard Candy (1 Per Girl)


In Sixes the girls take turns to roll the dice. Each time they roll, they get an item to put into their film canister first aid kit. If they roll the same number twice, they don't get anything.
The aim is to roll each number once, thus completing their mini first aid kit.
Discuss which items went into their first aid kits, and why they are important.


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