Mobile Gardens

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Beavers get to plant seeds in small pots which then they can transport between HQ and home in a container (shoebox, biscuit tin etc).
Over the following weeks they get to repot some of the larger variety of plants and see how they are progressing with their care.
These can then be either kept at home of put all together at the HQ as a container garden


garden hand tools
water container
pencil / pen
labelling sticks
sticks for seeds that need support (peas)


on week 1 use the small pots to sow the seeds selected using soil purchased. these pots will need to be a size to fit in a bigger container collectively for transportation
give beavers the instructions to place in a warm room with sinlight (but not direct) and to water a little so not dry
after a couple of weeks to allow for germination, beavers bring the mini gardens back to the hut to see how they have started to grow. Depending on the size of the small pots some may need to be repotted which can be done as a bae alongside the other meeting activities.
Beavers still take the mobile gardens home to care for
encourage brining in weekly and repeat as above.
A 'tallest sunflower' or most peas produced type encouragement could run alongside this
Photos taken by the beavers could also be encouraged which would contribute towards the photography activity
Eventually the plants will need to either remain in large containers at the hut (labelled per beaver and what it is) or the same at home with photographic updates of their progress


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