Badge Awareness (Beavers)

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Activity Badge Awareness to promote achievement


Big Badge Sheet A4 Print off
Activity Badges
Poster or Badge Book
2 mugs or anything the will cover up a badge!


Talk - Talk with them in front of poster about the different activity badges and what has to be done to achieve.

Activity at Table - Lay activity badges out. All face table look and try to remember the badges. All turn and face out whilst leader covers a badge. Beavers turn back and try to remember which one is missing.

Log Chew - Sit back down again for a Log Chew and help each child decide on a badge they might they to achieve (and remind them of evidence to bring in)

Activity at Table - Each child has a Big Badge print off sheet. In team they have to recall 3x different badges and draw them in the empty circles (leader can put badge on table to copy as they remember it) Last circle to is to draw the badge they want to try and achieve and write badge name and their name and take sheet home



Badge Links

  • Skills - Creative activity
  • Teamwork - Log Chew