Bean Bag Sprint

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Two teams of Cubs compete to be the first to get a bean bag from the middle to a goal at one end of the hall.


2x Bean bags
2x Chairs


Divide the cubs up into 2 teams and get them to line up at opposite sides of the hall. Give each cub a number.
Place two bean bags in the middle of the hall and one chair at each end to act as the goal.
When a number is called the Cubs with the same number race to the middle to collect a bean bag, pick it up and run to put it on their chair at one end of the room. The first Cub to place the bean bag down wins a point fo their team. No throwing of bean bags.
Run for as long as you need but keep count of the points and make sure everyone gets at least one go.


  • bean bags
  • loud
  • Team-Game

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