Cleudo for Cubs

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Someone has been murdered at the campsite. Cubs (the Detectives) need to work out who did it, where it was done and with what?


Cluedo Cards
Detective check list


A different way to run a trail is to set up a Cluedo game. In this, choose six characters, six places and six weapons and make a card for each one.

Secretly choose one character, place and weapon card and place them into an envelope. All the others are spread round the area or room. Cubs have to spot the cards, tick them off from their list to eliminate them and find out which ones are in the envelope.

Remove one card each of the murder weapon, location, and character.
Keep these three cards save and away from any preying cubs. (this is how, where and who did the murder)
The remaining cards are handed equally between the leaders and they wonder off around the playing area ready for the cubs to find.

The games starts.
The cubs either individually or in small groups run off to find the leaders.
When they get to a leader they select a item from their check list (weapon, location, character) and ask the leader if they have that card.
If the leader has the card mentioned he shows the cub it and they tick it off their list. (this shows that the card is in play and can not have been used in the murder.
The leader marks the cubs check list with a number and the cubs run off to find another leader and repeats the above.
The cubs can not ask for more than one card from the same leader, they have to find a different leader before they can return. This is why the leader marks their card to show they have been to another leader before returning.
Once the cub is happy that he thinks he knows which three cards are missing he approaches the leader and tell them his selection.
If correct and are first they are the winner.

Tips: mark the cards with a number so you know who has solved the murder in the lease number of visits.
Limit the cubs guesses so they have to solve the murder and not just go guessing


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