Make a Ditty Bag

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Make a Ditty Bag out of a tea Towel.
This activity can be programmed over 3-4 weeks.


Tea Towel, Needle, Thread, Cord.


See attached instructions for instructions with diagrams

1. Lay tea towel out face down (the hemmed edges of the tea towel should be facing you) and width way (longest sides to top and bottom).
2. Fold top down (4-6 cm), pin and sew along the length of the tea towel (just above the existing seam).
3. Fold the tea towel in half so that the edge of the panel you have just sewn is on the outside.
4. Pin and Sew along the bottom.
5. Pin and Sew along the open side (up to bottom of the panel for the draw cord).
6. Tread through a draw cord and tie the ends of the draw cord.
7. Turn the ditty bag inside out so that the sewn surfaces are all on the inside of the bag.
Your done.


  • Ditty Bag
  • sewing

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