Adapting Games

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Adapt games so they can be played by someone with a disability


Cards listing some examples of people with disabilities
Equipment you usually have for playing favourite unit games


Get the girls to pick one of their favourite games.
Have someone pick a disability card.
Challenge the girls to adapt the game so that the girl with that disability can be included.
Play the game.

Be ready to answer questions the girls have about the disability and what the girl can and can't do (and explain that it would normally be polite to check with the person who has the disability rather than just presuming they can't do things).
Point out that the cards give a particular description, but some disabilities vary widely - some people in wheelchairs are notnot paralysed and may be able to stand, cerebral palsy or Aspergers may be very different for different people.
Be positive about what people can do, and what flexibility and adaptive technology can help them do.
Be prepared to pick another game if it really isn't appropriate to the disability.
Discuss afterwards as necessary.

You could also have each patrol pick a game and adapt it, and then have the whole unit play each game.


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  • disability
  • Disability Awareness
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