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Mini-triathlon held outdoors during summer at local school.
Standard distance Swim U-13x4 lengths= 50m, Bike U-13 x5 circuits = c.2,000m, Run U-13 x 5 circuits = c.1000m
Longer distance, Swim 13+ x8 lengths = 100m, Bike 13+ x8 circuits = c.3,000m, Run 13+ x 10 circuits = c.2000m


Swimming pool (indoor or heated outdoor) and lifeguard
Cycle circuit (playing pitches)
Run circuit
Two tents for changing (male & female) if changing rooms unavailable
Table for serving drinks (squash & ribena) and post-event snacks (jaffa cakes, haribo sweets)
Sheets to record #laps and who is in which heat (plus pens, plus clipboards)


Scouts really enjoyed this afterwards and asked for it to be run again!, although lots of nervousness about the distances before the event. Important to make it clear that it's not a race - we mixed the starting heats up to avoid having similar ability kids racing head to head. Scouts should be told to take their time, pace themselves and slow down if they feel too tired. Event is not timed and all scouts who do their best will get their Personal Challenge badges (as long as they complete their own challenge agreed at earlier meeting). Distances are guidelines per this website

Scouts should come dressed in sports kits (runners, t-shirt, shorts) and bring along swimming trunks, towel, goggles (if needed), water bottle, bike and helmet. There are two distances for the scouts, with the option for a longer route for those over 13 years (or younger if really keen). In case scouts are nervous swimmers, they can either swim by the wall with handrail to hold on to in case of difficulties or else the swim can be replaced by a run (i.e. duathlon) of the same run distance (scouts who chose longer distance found 4k run a real challenge!). The scouts can chose which distance to complete on the evening.

Timing wise, we ran 6 heats of 4 scouts which completed all swims within 30 minutes of start and all scouts had finished within 60 minutes with plenty of time to recuperate and tidy up afterwards. Three parents marshalled (i.e. kept count of the laps) with two leaders getting scouts from changing tents to swim start plus a lifeguard.


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