Staffs Wide Game

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Wide game to capture bases with Staffs as lives


1 staff per player + 3
Paper with numbers 1 to number of players on each team


Instructions below are for 8 players per team. This can be modified appropriately.

The players are numbered 1 to 7 ; Number 8 is an 44 airplane the numbers are not displayed but carried in the pocket, so the opposing side does not know.

Two bases, at least 300 yards apart.

The lives are staffs, one carried by each player. A player of a higher number takes the staff from a lower numbered enemy by touching and challenging him. He then runs back to the base with two staffs, his own and the one he has taken, and leaves the latter at the base. The other goes back to his base to get another staff.

The base cannot be raided, and it is just as well to have about three extra lives there, in order to prevent players failing out of the game early. The higher numbers take the lower ones, but No. 1 can take No. 7, so No. 1 is at the same time very. strong and also very vulnerable, so has to be protected. The lower the number of a player the better stalking is required, for the higher numbers can move about more boldly.

The first part of the game consists in finding out the numbers of the opposing side (by challenging) and getting the information round as quickly as possible, so that when a low number sees a higher number approaching he can hide and get out of his way. This means sacrificing players at first ; but the side which finds out the opposing numbers first usually wins.

Should equal numbered players challenge each other, no life is lost.

Only one staff can be taken at once, and should a player be returning to his base with two staffs (his own and the one life he has taken) he can be challenged by a higher number of the opposing side and the staff recovered from him.

Numbers cannot be changed during the game, and low numbers may not give up their staffs to higher numbers of their own side when lives are becoming scarce.

The "airplane," which cannot lose his life or capture anyone, has to be very active and know as early, as possible all the numbers. He must be in touch with the whole of his side, and be able to call up any one number as required, and to warn others when they are in danger.

Three judges are required, one in the center and one near each base, as the enemy is not allowed within 20 yards of the base.

Comments. Once the players have grasped the idea of the numbers, the game becomes very vigorous and exciting. A short preliminary try-out will soon make the idea clear to all.


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