Tree identification Keas

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Teach Keas how to use leaf classification system to identify trees


leaf classification booklet ( 1 per posse)
tree identity booklet ( 1 per kea) make these before hand using the instructable on how to make a booklet from A4.
5 native tree leaves (rimu; manuka; cabbage tree; titoki, Totara) extra rimu and totara
1 pen per kea
5 rulers
sticky tape


1.Take keas through broad leaf classification system ( shape; tooth or untoothed; length etc).
2. set up 5 stations around the room - 1 per leaf.
3.Give each posse the leaf classification booklet and get them to work round each station, using the flowchart to identify which leaf at each station.
back to the circle for debrief.
4. Hand out Tree identity booklets to each Kea.
5. Individually they go find the Rimu leaf and Totara leaf stations - sticky tape a small piece of each leaf into their booklet on the right page. ( ensures they each actually know which leaf is which).
6. Back to circle.
6. Go through the 5 rules of being safe outdoors ( can count towards the keep safe outdoors part of the Environment badge.


  • arbour day
  • leaf identifying
  • tree identification

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