R9 Kayaking - SRT/Instructor Training

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BCU Standard Basic Safety and Rescue Training session
BCU Level 1 Instructors training session Canoeing/Kayaking
For use with BB Seniors added to the BB Seniors Challenge Plus Recreation R-9


Throw lines
Wetsuits & Thermals


BCU Level 1 Coach

Duration: 5 Days

Course Aim: BCU-UKCC Level 1 Coach & Foundation and Safety Rescue

Minimum Standard: See course pre-entry requirements listed below.

Become and Kayak Coach on this 5 day BCU-UKCC Level 1 course which also includes the foundation safety and rescue course.

The BCU-UKCC Level 1 Coach qualification is the entry level qualification for coaching paddlesport. A Level 1 Coach is trained and assessed to assist a Level 2 coach and above. Successful completion of this course allows you to progress on to a Level 2 training course.

Pre-entry Requirements

In order to participate on this course, candidates need to fulfil some pre-entry requirements prior to arrival:

1. You MUST register for the course with the BCU using a CR form. Please visit the BCU Awarding website (www.bcuawarding.rg.uk) for further information. The cost of registration is £39.00 for members and £55.00 for non-members.

2. When you have registered you will be sent the LEVEL 1 WORKBOOK. You must bring this book with you when you attend the course: PLEASE NOTE, YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO UNDERTAKE THE COURSE IF YOU DO NOT HAVE YOUR WORKBOOK WITH YOU. (Course fee refunds will not be given in this case).

3. Please ensure you register with the BCU or home governing body at least four weeks before your course is scheduled, to allow time for the workbook to be sent to you.

4. You must hold the new BCU 2 Star award, which includes open boat skills.

During the course you will be using a variety of different boats and may also spend time in the swimming pool. The course is carefully structured and will involve the planning and assisting in the running of sessions, group management, safety and rescues.

Kit and Clothing

Necessary kit, equipment and personal protective clothing includes: wetsuits, buoyancy aids, cagoules, helmets, spraydecks, Cowtails, Throwlines, Knife etc,


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