C19 Dealing with simple accidents

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BB Juniors Pro Pack Community C-19 : to learn how to deal with some simple accidents
The information given below is based upon the current recommended procedures of the voluntary aid societies. Leaders should ensure that what they teach follows the current recommended best practice.
Care should be taken to ensure that the emphasis is about simple accidents that might happen to the boys that they can treat themselves.
A suggested method of delivery is to ask the boys how they think they should treat certain conditions and then the leader demonstrates the correct way (explaining why it is correct). Then give the young people the opportunity to practise for themselves. It is most important to explain that before doing any kind of first aid you must wash your hands.
A selection of some simple injuries/conditions that the young people could treat are as below:-


Basic first aid kit


Clean the wound under running water to stop it getting infected. Apply a plaster that covers the entire wound. (At this point it is important to note that some people may be allergic to plasters.) Show the correct way to put a plaster on (don’t touch the sterile pad, minimal exposure to air etc).

If a small area, finger or arm is affected, cool the burn or scald with cold water for at least 10 minutes (stops the burning and gives pain relief). Remove anything constricting the injured area e.g. jewellery. Put a dressing on the area. Demonstrate how to apply a sterile dressing. Any burn or scold larger than 20cm sq or to the face must be referred to a doctor or hospital.

Get an adult to help remove the sting if necessary. Apply a cold compress to relieve the pain and minimise any swelling.

Sit down with the head well forward. Breathe though the mouth and pinch the nose below the bony bridge. Try not to speak, swallow, cough, spit or sniff (these may disturb the forming blood clot) Hold for at least 10 minutes.

Additional activity:
Young People could try using a bandage, etc in pairs.

see Juniors Pro pack C19 for full details


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