S15 Mr Impossible

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To Think about which of the Mr Men characters the young people would like to be BB Anchors Pro Pack S-15


Coloured Felt Pens
Template "Mr Impossible"
4 Split Pins
Hole Punch



Discuss various kinds of Mr Men who are not nice, e.g. Mr Grumpy, Mr Lazy, Mr Messy. There is one person who can change all these men. With the help of Jesus we can all become Mr Neat, Mr Happy etc.

‘If you’re happy and you know it.’

Activity – Mr Impossible

• Photocopy the template – enough for one for each member.
• Young people colour in template.
• Cut out the template and punch holes where indicated. Insert the split pins through all the points marked A, then B and then C. (Boys may need help with this.)
• The body piece with the wording should be fastened to the back of the head.

God, our Father, we are sorry if sometimes we are lazy, untidy and grumpy. Help us to be cheerful, neat, tidy and helpful. Amen

For full details see Anchors Pro Pack S-15


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