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To give the young people an understanding of the different jobs involved within the Church. Taken from the BB Anchors Pro Pack Community C-4


Template C4T
Card and Paper of matching size
Colouring pens/pencils


• Copy the template onto card. (also copy the pictures of Church people onto paper to cut out)

• Colour in the church.

• Cut around the doors and windows so they are held on by one side and can be easily

• opened. This might require adult supervision, depending on the ability of the child.

• Place a piece of paper directly behind the card and mark in pencil around where the windows and doors are.

• Remove the card and in each of the window spaces draw in a picture of someone who is involved within the church. E.g. the Minister, the Organist, the BB Captain, Sunday School teacher and so on.

• Then glue together the piece of card and paper, so that the pictures and the windows match up.

For full details see Anchors Pro Pack C4


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