B2 Party Games

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To have fun playing these games. Taken from the BB Juniors Pro Pack Body B-2


Large bar of Chocolate
Knife and Fork
Unbreakable Plate
Small Table
Used Matches
Plastic Cup
Straws for each child


The Chocolate Game

• All the young people should sit in a large circle. Put the chocolate on the plate on the table with the knife and fork, the table should be in the middle of the circle.
• The dice is passed round the circle and each boy rolls it in turn. If the dice ends up showing a 6 then the member runs to the table to cut one square of chocolate with the knife and fork and eats it; this can continue until another member throws a 6 on the dice.
• The game continues until all the chocolate is finished.
• The game can be made more interesting if the chocolate has been put in a fridge until the games commences and you can add a pair of gloves which the member must put on before he attempts to cut the chocolate.


• A game for up to 4 players per sheet of paper.
• Mark out a sheet of paper with dots as shown below, they need to square shapes and can be as many as required. Each player in turn makes a line by joining up two dots. The player who puts the fourth side claims the square by putting their initial in the middle of it and they then draw the first line for the next square. The winner is the player who has the most squares with their initials in them.

Wink Murder

Select one young person to be the detective and place him out of the room so that he cannot see the other boys who are sitting on chairs in a circle. All the other young people are seated with their eyes closed and a leader goes round the circle to choose one boy by tapping him lightly on the shoulder who will be the murderer. When this has happened the boy who was selected, ‘the detective’ then enters the centre of the circle. The murderer looks around the circle and winks at another boy who groans and slumps on his chair as if dead. The detective has to try to spot who the murderer is before all the boys in the circle are killed off.


• One boy goes out of the room and the other boys sit in a circle on chairs.
• The leader places on the floor in the middle of the circle how ever many objects you have decided upon and the boys choose one of the items to be ‘Tommy’. The boy then returns to the room and picks up the items one at a time until ‘Tommy’ is picked up. The total items picked up are noted and then another boy has a go, the boys in the circle deciding which item will be ‘Tommy’ this time. The game can continues until all the boys have had a go and the winner will be boy who manages to collect the most objects.

Changed Attire

• The boys need to sit on chairs in a circle.
• Select one young person who will first of all take a good look at all the other young people to look at what each of them is wearing and will then leave the room.
• Then select two young people who must change some part of what they are wearing with each other for example shoes and when this has been completed the person then returns to the room. He will need to stand in the middle of the circle and try to find out which two young people have changed items, the person in the middle can be given say 3 guesses. The game then continues.

Match Game

• Give each person 5 used matches and they then must go and speak to each other trying to make them say either ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Each time anyone says ‘yes’ or ‘no’ he must give a match to the person talking to him. The young people must try to speak to as many other members as possible.
• Set a time limit and the boy with the highest number of matches is the winner.
• Safety tip – do make sure that the matches are not live.

Blow Line

• Make a hole at the base of the plastic cup and then thread it on the piece of string which should be about 10 metres long.
• Two young people from each team must hold the string taut while the other team members one at a time blow into the cup with their straw until it reaches the end of the piece of string. The person then returns the cup to the start and the rest of the team take their turn.
• The first team to complete this will be the winners.

Art Gallery

• The young people will need to be in groups for this activity.
• Each group will be given the same number of pages of the same size newspaper.
• A list of objects is given to the groups such as different animals/shapes of buildings/cars etc and the young people must tear the sheets of newspaper to create the listed shapes. The shapes are to be displayed in an ‘art gallery’ of exhibits and the group with the most accurate shapes will be declared the winners.

Alphabet Game

There are many ways that the letters of the alphabet can be used in games such as the following suggestions:-

Using each letter of the alphabet:-
• Go round the church premises and find one thing or item.
• Name a football team.
• Boys’ or girls’ Christian names.
• Places in the world.
• Makes of cars.
• Different types of fruits or vegetables.
• Cities or towns.
• Animals or birds.

You could add to this game by putting up pictures of the various items from magazines, catalogues, etc.

For full details and diagrams See Junior Pro-pack B2


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