beavers blind games

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1. Blind Walk
Place some round mats on the floor to act as 'bombs'.
Put the Beavers in pairs. One ties their scarf over their eyes, so they are blind.
The second guides the blind beaver past the obstacles to the end of the hall and back.

2. Blind HandBall
You need a foam ball with a bell inside!
Split the Beavers into two small teams, and arrange them at opposite ends of a small room (or one end of a big one).
Each Beaver must be blindfolded with their scarf.
The Beavers have to push the ball round and try and score a goal, being guided to where the ball is by the sound of the bell inside

Blind Football
Small area with one goalie who can see. One person behind goal who may call where the goal is others blindfolded. 2 other lodge sit along side of pitch to knockball back if it goe near them.


Football with bell inside





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