B2-3 Wet Games

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To give children a fun experience with water. Taken from BB Junior Pro Pack Body B-2-3
Introduction: The following activities are aimed at providing children with games using water which can provide an enjoyable experience.


Sponge for each person
Bucket of water
Empty bucket
Volleyball net
water balloons
Disposable plastic cups


Activity 1 Water Over/Under

• Fill one bucket of water per team with water and place a car sponge in it.
• Split the children into equal teams and get them to line up with the full bucket at the front of the line and the empty bucket at the rear of the line.

• On the word GO children have to empty the bucket at the front of the line and fill the bucket at the rear of the line using the car sponge.
• On a twist on the traditional game the rear bucket needs to be filled by passing the sponge back along the line over the head of the first person and under the legs of the second person, this continues in this pattern until the sponge reaches the rear of the line where it is emptied into the bucket
• The person at the rear of the line then runs to the front and starts the process again.
• The winning team is the team with the most water in the rear bucket when the front buckets are empty or all members have had a turn.

Activity 2 Water volleyball

Fill the water balloons with water.

• Play the traditional game of volleyball but substituting the ball for water balloons.
• it will soon become obvious that the balloons will break more than go across the net but this just adds to the fun of it all.

Activity 3 Water relay

• Pierce 34 holes around the lower part of a cup.
• Fill one bucket of water per team.
• Place an empty bucket per team 10 or so metres away from the start line.
• Split the children into equal teams and get them to line up with the first person by the full bucket.

• On the word Go the first person per team is to fill the cup with water and run to the bucket opposite pouring the water from the cup into the empty bucket
• They then return to the start line and pass the cup over to the next player who fills the cup again.
• The winner is the team who has the most water in their collection bucket at the end of the given time.
• An additional rule could be that the cups have to be filled up without using hands!

This is a game to be played outdoors.

See Juniors Pro Pack B2-3 for full details


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